Filter in Audit-Log

Hello Support-Team,


is it possible to get a new filter in the Audit-Log of Xinca?

It would be nice if i could set a filter on the Field "What".


With kind regards

Carsten Schuckart


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    Eric van der Maas

    Hey Carsen,

    I've already got an internal feature-request running for this one too. Thanks for the feedback and look out for any future versions that will include this filter.

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    Carsten Schuckart

    Hey Eric,


    thank you for your reply.

    Since today the filter is enabled in the Audit-Log.

    Unfortunately there is no chance for me to make a free text search.

    In other fields this is possible.

    What i would like to do is to search only for one serialnumber and then i will get a list with every entry where this number exists.


    Cloud you please be so kind and make a second request to this.

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