Automatic Clustering of Support Tickets

Hello Support Team,


in our Xinca Environment there are e few of clustering categories for Service Tickets.

They are called:

- All Tickets

- My Tickets

- Open Tickets

- Waiting for User

- Other Open Tickets

- Closed Tickets

It would be very great if it will be possible to use this categories.

Today all tickets that were created by my colleque and me will all be stored in the "My Tickets" section.

Even when a ticket is closed it will stay in this section.

It would be so much better, if there is a possibilty to move the ticket to this sub-folder.


I allready opened a supportticket for this, but the support told me to make an feature request about this.


So please let me know, if there is a possibility to get a better structure in our ticket overview.


With kind regards.

Carsten Schuckart



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