Enrollment status API / GUI inconsistency

When a device is no longer managed the GUI shows a prominent red bar with the warning that:

Device no longer managed!
The management profile has been removed from device at Mon Sep 10 14:02:53 2018! You are no longer able to manage this device unless you re-enroll it.

However, there's no indication of this when getting the devices details via API call.

The isManaged key still shows True and enrollType is 'manual', which is not what one would expect.


u'code': 200,
u'device': {
        u'assetTag': u'<notmanaged>',
        u'availableCapacity': 16.9459,
        u'batteryLevel': 0.8,
        u'class': u'iphone',
        u'depProfile': u'',
        u'enrollType': u'manual',
        u'groupIds': [],
        u'groups': [],
        u'iCloudBackupEnabled': true,
        u'iCloudBackupLatest': u'2018-10-09 04:13:31',
        u'iTunesStoreLoggedIn': true,
        u'inTrash': false,
        u'isManaged': true,
        u'isSupervised': true,
        u'lastCheckin': u'1969-31-12 19:33:38',
        u'location': {u'coordinates': u'', u'string': u''},
        u'model': {
            u'identifier': u'iPhone8,4',
            u'name': u'iPhone SE',
            u'type': u'iPhone'
        u'modified': u'2018-09-10 14:54:09',
        u'name': u'Lilly Smith iPhone SE',
        u'networkInformation': {
            u'BluetoothMAC': u'a4:e9:75:55:7b:b9',
            u'CarrierSettingsVersion': u'32.0',
            u'CurrentCarrierNetwork': u'Pure Talk',
            u'CurrentMCC': u'310',
            u'CurrentMNC': u'410',
            u'DataRoamingEnabled': u'1',
            u'ICCID': u'8901 4102 2780 6215 7874',
            u'IMEI': u'35 659708 064656 0',
            u'IPAddress': u'',
            u'PersonalHotspotEnabled': u'0',
            u'PhoneNumber': u'+17175034823',
            u'SIMCarrierNetwork': u'PURE TALK',
            u'SubscriberCarrierNetwork': u'PURE TALK',
            u'SubscriberMCC': u'',
            u'SubscriberMNC': u'410',
            u'VoiceRoamingEnabled': u'0',
            u'WiFiMAC': u'a4:e9:75:55:7b:b8',
            u'isNetworkTethered': u'0',
            u'isRoaming': u'0'},
        u'notes': u'',
        u'os': {u'prefix': u'iOS', u'version': u'11.4.1'},
        u'owner': {u'id': 0, u'userStatus': u'', u'vpp': []},
        u'serialNumber': u'DX3VC9Q8HTVK',
        u'totalCapacity': 26.5874


Expected behavior would be that the isManaged key would be "false", or enrollType be "removed", or some other field indicate the same thing. One could make "assumed calculations" based on the lastCheckin key, but it would be much more preferable to have the API and Web console both reflect the same reality about device administration.

This actually seems like a bug to me and I raised a support ticket about it, but the support response was:

I would recommend this request this enhancement at https://support.xincamdm.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/360000213994-Feature-Requests so we can prioritize our customers needs.




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