How to create an environment and manage licenses for your customers

This article is specifically created for resellers.

This article will cover essentials of creating an environment for your customers. It will guide you step by step on how to do this.

Creating an Environment

  1. In XMS, navigate to Reseller Portal -> Company Management and create a new school by pressing the Add company button.
  2. Fill out the information required to create a Company
  3. After you’ve created a Xinca you will be transferred to that school’s overview page and you’re able to add Additional information
  4. Navigate to License History and add a license by pressing the “Add license” button
  5. On the “Add license” page you have the option to either add a trial or a license for the environment. NOTE: If you add a license you will be billed, and afterwards you can bill it to the school yourself.
  6. An invoice reference can be added for your convenience. This number will return on your invoice. 

Additional License information:

Calendar year license:

A Calendar year license will end on the first of January of the next year. It is possible to buy a 1, 2 or 3 year calendar year license. A license is needed for each managed device, and the license may be transferred to replacement devices when devices are refreshed/replaced.  

Full year license:

The annual subscription license has a 12-month term. It is possible to buy a 1, 2 or 3 Full year license. A license is needed for each managed device, and the license may be transferred to replacement devices when devices are refreshed/replaced. 

Perpetual license:

The perpetual license does not expire, but it is tied to a unique device by serial number. This license may be purchased once to manage a device for the life of that device. A Perpetual license is tied to a device and cannot be transferred.

NOTE: Choosing more years doesn’t give rights to discounts

Additional Information:

  • If you enable the Setup Assistant your end-customer will have to go through this before they can use the environment.
  • After creating the location you will be redirected to the payment site or you will be invoiced by our administration.
  • The licenses will be added to the customer’s environment after the order is completed. You will receive the invoice on your email address.

Extending and Updating licenses in ZMS

Updating licenses for you customer is done by going to Reseller Portal -> Company Management and locating the school that you want to add licenses to. Once you’re on the overview of the company navigate to the license history page on the left side of the screen. When you’re on the license history page click on the add license button in the top right.

Complete extending the license by filling in the extend license page and submitting.

Note: You can also add licenses from the company details page by clicking on the Add license button on next to the License section.

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