A placeholder is a device that is not yet enrolled in the Xinca. As soon as the device is enrolled, the device will be automatically assigned to a group and get a device owner.

When we add a placeholder for a new user for example, you scan the box of the iPad and prepare the device in the MDM, for example make the device member of the Admin group and set a device owner.

When the device is enrolled in Xinca it will be automatically assigned to a user and the Admin group. You can assign a profile to the admin group and / or assign apps to the admin group, these will be applied when the device is enrolled.

If you have many placeholders to create, then you can also use the bulk import tool (Organisation > Important / Synchronise). Just upload a .csv file with the usernames and Serial Numbers. Afterwards you can scan the iPad box and assign the device to a user.

Tip: You can use a barcode scanner to scan the device serial number from the box

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