VPP Device App Assignment

The requirements:

  • iOS 9 (or higher);
  • Supervised devices, with either DEP or Apple Configurator.

The benefits:

  • No invitation process;
  • No Apple ID required on the device;
  • Installation and updates are controlled by Xinca.

The downside:

  • The user data (documents, etc..) inside the app is not being back-upped by iCloud because the app is tied to the device instead of the user!

Good to know:

  • The app(s) do not appear in the user’s purchase history in the App Store;
  • You need to buy a license for each device you are handing out the app(s) to;
  • Xinca will fall back to Apple ID Assignment if device assignment is not possible (eg. not supervised and/or not running iOS 9 or higher);
  • Not all apps support Device Assignment. You can recognize apps which support it by the “Device Assignable” text in the app list.
  • If Device Assignment is not supported by apps then there is no other option then to to make Apple ID’s to assign those apps.
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