How to replace a rejected DEP Server Token

If for some reason your DEP token has expired, you have to request and upload a new one. Xinca will notify you about an expired (or rejected) token at the top of every page and at the DEP page located at “Organisation” -> “Settings” -> “DEP”

Steps to take to replace the token:

  • Navigate to or and login with your corporate Apple ID associated with DEP;
  • In the menu on the left, click on “MDM Servers” and select your MDM Server;
  • Click on the server you’ve linked with Xinca;
  • Click on the “Generate New Tokens…” link in the window that’ll appear;
  • Click on the “Generate And Download Server Token” button. This will download the new token to your computer;
  • In ZMS navigate to "Organisation" -> "Settings" -> "DEP";
  • Click on the "Replace DEP Token" button;
  • Click "Browse" and select the token you’ve just downloaded from Apple;
  • When you save, you’ll notice DEP is Enabled and Running again.

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