Asset Tags

Asset Tags can be used to easily identify your devices or to link them to your existing inventory system. The Asset Tags will be shown in the Devices Overview and on the Devices Details page at the "Inventory Details" section. Next to that they can be used on various places by using Replacement Variables. 

How do I assign an Asset Tag to a device?

There are multiple ways to assign Asset Tags. You can do it manually, upon enrollment using placeholders or by importing a CSV file.


  1. In Xinca go to Devices -> Overview and click on the device you want to assign a Asset Tag to;
  2. Click on "Edit details" on the right top corner;
  3. Enter the desired Asset Tag and click on "Save".

Upon enrollment by using Placeholders:

You can pre-configure the Asset Tags devices should get assigned by using Placeholders. Asset Tags are automatically synced from Apple if you're using DEP. Once the device is enrolled, the Asset Tag configured in the Placeholder will be set automatically. You can always manually change the Asset Tag if needed afterwards. 

For more information about Placeholders please read the Knowledge Base article.

Importing a CSV file:

To import Placeholders with Asset Tags in bulk you can use the new "Import placeholders from CSV" import option which can be found at Organization -> Import / Synchronize -> Placeholders. 

The CSV file should at least contain these two fields:

  • SerialNumber: the serial number of the device.
  • Identification: a human readable name for the placeholder.

All other fields are optional:

  • AssetTag: the Asset Tag to assign upon enrollment.
  • AssignToUser: the username of the user that will become the owner upon enrollment.
  • DeviceName: the name that the device should get upon enrollment.
  • MemberOfGroups: list of Static device groups that the device should become a member of upon enrollment, separated with a semicolon (;).

You can optionally choose to overwrite the Asset Tag, Owner, Device Name or Group Membership for existing devices by ticking the "Apply properties from this CSV to already enrolled devices" box. Don't include the field in the CSV file if you wish to keep the existing values. 

How can I use Asset Tags?

The Asset Tag of a device can be used in Profiles, Device Names, and Wallpapers by using the new variable: "%AssetTag%". 

For more information about all the available Replacement Variables please read the Knowledge Base article.

Asset Tags on the Wallpaper as QR code:

You can easily put the Asset Tag as a QR code on the Wallpaper. To do so create a new iOS profile, click on "Wallpaper", upload the desired wallpaper and enter the following text in the "Text to add to the image" textbox:  %AssetTag,barcode% 

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