Import Supervision Identity in Apple Configurator 2

A Supervision Identity is used to allow pairing with macOS machines even if the DEP profile prohibits pairing with other computers. The Supervision Identity is a certificate and private key that can be imported into Apple Configurator 2. Once imported, the iOS device will be able to pair with that given computer. You can repeat this multiple times to configure multiple stations that can be used to administer iOS devices.


How to import the Supervision Identity in Apple Configurator 2:

In ZMS navigate to Organisation > Settings -> Supervision Identity


Here you'll see your information and you'll be able to download the identity. Please take a close look at the "Generated on" date. 

In order for the Supervision Identity to work properly you'll have to re-push the DEP profile and re-enroll the device

All devices that have been enrolled before this date won't work with the generated Supervision Identity.

Click on the blue "Download Supervision Identity" button.

When you've downloaded the Supervision Identity (this is a .organization file) and you open it, the Supervision Identity should automatically open in Apple Configurator 2. You'll be asked to enter a password for this Supervision Identity, this password is found on the same page as where you've downloaded the Supervision Identity.

Keep in mind this password is hidden until you reveal it yourself by clicking on it:


Once you've entered your password you'll be able to make the following changes to a DEP enrolled iOS device in Apple Configurator 2;

  • Clear passcode on the device
  • Clear restrictions passcode on the device
  • Start single app mode on the device
  • Restart and Shut down the device
  • Set a wallpaper
  • Apply a homescreen layout


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