Getting an iPad ready for Xinca (Supervised Mode)

You can use this procedure to prepare iPad’s if you are not using DEP (Device Enrollment Program. We will use Apple Configurator 2 on a Mac to prepare the devices.


  • a Mac computer;
  • Apple Configurator 2;
  • Optional: a USB hub to configure multiple iPad’s at once.

Create a blueprint:

  1. Open Apple Configurator 2, click on “Blueprints” and choose for the option “Edit Blueprints”;
  2. Click on the “New” button in the bottom left of the window. A new blueprint will be created, give this new blueprint a name (for example: “Xinca Supervised”);
  3. Select the newly created blueprint and click on the “Prepare” button;
  4. Choose “Manual” for the Configuration option and click on the “Next” button;
  5. Choose “New server…” for the Server option and click on the “Next” button;
  6. Give the new MDM server a name (for example: “Xinca”), enter the Apple Configurator 2 MDM Server URL you can find in XMS Devices -> Enroll Device(s) URL in the “Enrollment URL” field and click on the “Next” button;
  7. Choose “*.xinca” for the anchor certificate and click on the “Next” button;
  8. Check the box at for the “Supervise devices” option and optionally also check the box for “Allow devices to pair with other computers” and click on the “Next” button;
  9. Enter information about your organisation and click on the “Next” button;
  10. Click on “Generate a new supervision identity” and click on the “Next” button;
  11. Optional: choose the steps you want to skip during the setup and click on the “Prepare” button when you’re ready;
  12. Click on the “Done” button at the bottom right of the window to save the blueprint and return to the view with all connected devices.

Apply the blueprint:

  • Connect one or more devices using, for example, an USB hub;
  • Select the devices you want to enrol in Xinca (tip: use cmd + a to select all currently connected devices);
  • Click on the “Blueprints” button, click on the blueprint you’ve just created and click on “Apply” to start applying the blueprint to the selected device(s);

You’re done! Apple Configurator will automatically download and install the latest iOS, supervise the device and enroll it in Xinca.

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