About Web Clips

It is possible to create and manage Web Clips in Xinca, in this article we will go over the following:

  • Creating a Web Clip
  • Managing Web Clip

Creating a Web Clip

It is possible to create a Web Clip in XMS, this is done in the general settings of a profile, the following Web Clip is an example of how a Web Clip should be configured.


It is also possible to create Web Clips for MacOS, We've created a separate Article for this: Web Clips for MacOS

If you want your web clip to open in Chrome this is possible by using googlechrome:// (For example: googlechrome:// before the address.

Managing Web Clips

In Xinca, there are multiple things you need to know about managing Web Clips:

  • It is not possible to configure Web Clips in a profile layout
    • When a profile layout is configured Web Clips will show up in the first available spot
  • Users can always create Web Clips since Apple doesn't allow us to manage these settings.
  • It is possible to disable to removal of Web Clips by checking off "Allow removing apps" in restriction settings
    • When a profile layout is configured users can not remove Web Clips regardless of this restriction
  • When whitelisting/blacklisting apps, it is possible to whitelist/blacklist all Web Clips Screen_Shot_2017-12-11_at_11.36.45.png
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