My profile doesn't push. Why?

When the profile doesn’t seem to work, you should first check the installation status of the profile.

  • In case the status is Installed, and the behaviour is not what you’ve expected from your configuration, you should go to the specific device to see if there is another profile active that is conflicting the configuration you’ve set.
  • In case the status is Pending, you should check first if the device is online and check’s in to Xinca. If it is online and the device checks in, you should have a look in the Activity Log, as this is where all communication is displayed between the device and Xinca. Over there you might see a ‘NotNow’, which is caused by the device being locked with a passcode.
  • In case the status is Failed, you should also look in the Activity Log. Over there you can find the exact reason that the profile has failed to install.


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