How does a Layout configuration work?

In Xinca it's possible to configure a pre-set layout for your devices. This is done in a profile under the layout tab: 


When you want to configure a layout in a profile, please keep the following in mind:

  • This setting will only affect supervised devices running iOS 9.3 or higher
  • Apps can't be removed from the device when using a layout
  • User installed apps can not be configured in a Layout configuration and will always show up on the first available spot
  • Web Clips can be configured in a layout for devices running iOS 11.3 or higher
  • Apps that aren't configured in a layout will be put in a folder on the last page

In order to configure a layout all you have to do is drag an App to the desired position on the device. New pages can be added to a layout by navigating to an empty page and adding an App on this page.


It's possible to add App groups to your layout by dragging the group icon into the layout and clicking on it. Here you can add apps to your group and rename the group:


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