How to set a macOS wallpaper

Setting a wallpaper for macOS clients is possible using Xinca Management System. Take the following steps to do so:

Steps to take:

  • Create a package;
  • Distribute your package;
  • Create a profile;
  • Distribute your profile;

Build your package:

  1. Build your own package using this guide How to build packages for macOS;
  2. Add the wallpaper to the package in the folder “Users/Shared”
    Note: Make sure you have at least one application in this package.

Distribute the package:

Distribute your package to macOS Clients using this guide How to distribute In-House Packages to macOS Clients 

Configure a wallpaper profile:

  1. Create a macOS profile, add the desired groups to the Scope and click on the “Create New Profile” button to save.
  2. Configure “Restrictions” – “Functionality” and select “Lock Desktop picture”. Add the path to the wallpaper e.g. “/Users/Shared/wallpaper.jpg” save the profile.
  3. In a couple of minutes, the profile will be assigned to the clients in the Scope and will automatically start installing.
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