Xinca App Self-Service Overview

The new Xinca App has both a Admin and Self-Service (User) side, this page will cover the Self-Service side of the app. To learn more about the Admin app - Please check out the Admin App overview. 

Logging in:

  1. When you have a User assigned to a device, this device will automatically log in.
  2. When you don't have a User assigned to a device, the User will have to log in manually by selecting the school and entering his/her credentials.


  • Assigned Apps/Documents/Profiles*
  • Messages**
  • Device Options*
  • User specific features

* These features are in both the Admin and the User version of the app.

** Messages work slightly different on User and Admin versions of the app.

Global features:

Assigned Apps/Documents/Profiles:

Here you can find everything assigned to your User Account. 

Note: Keep in mind that these items have to be configured "On-demand" in the scope for them to show up on these lists.


For Users it is only possible to read conversations that they are included in. 


Device Options:

It is possible to have certain options enabled or disabled in the App, these options are found under "Organisation > Settings > Xinca User & Admin"

User Options: 


Admin Options:


User specific features:

Attention Mode: When the Admin sends the User an attention message, it is not possible for the User to do anything with the device until this is cleared.


Restriction Mode: When the device is in restriction mode the User can only use the functions that aren't restricted by the Admin.

Weblock Mode: When the device is in WebLock mode, the User can only navigate to the whitelisted websites that are set by the Admin. It is also possible to lock the User in Safari.

Applock Mode: When the device is in Applock mode, the User can only use the the whitelisted Apps, any unlisted apps will not be seen by the User. Note: The settings App will always be visible due to a policy set by Apple.

Bundle Mode: The User can only do things that the Admin set in the specific Bundle. 

To learn more about the Admin side of the app please take a look at the following guide: Xinca App Admin Overview.

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