How to build packages for macOS

Xinca Management System is able to install packages. To create packages you need to:

Download Packages and install Packages

  1. Navigate to Packages App and download the App;
  2. Open the file you just downloaded and follow the installation steps;

Create a package

  1. Open the Packages application;
  2. Select “Distribution” as the template for your project and click “Next”;
  3. Packages will ask to to access your contacts, click “OK”;
  4. Choose a name for your project (For example: “ZuluDesk Package”);
  5. Choose a project directory and click “Finish”;
  6. Click on the package you just created in the left menu under “Packages”;
  7. Click “Payload” in the top;
    On this page you can drag the packages which are installed on your computer to the package you wish to create.
  8. Open Finder and drag the applications you wish to add to your package to the Applications folder in Packages;
  9. Packages will ask you for “Permissions” and “Reference Style”, use “Absolute Path” and click “Add”;
  10. You will now see the application added to your package;
  11. In the menu bar, select “Build” and click “Build”;
  12. Packages will ask you to save the changes in your project before building it, click “Save” to save this project when you wish to save it;
  13. Packages will now build your new package. If the build succeeded you will see the follow screen;
  14. You are now ready to install this package to your macOS systems using Xinca Management System. To do this follow How to distribute In-House Packages to macOS Clients.
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