Reseller Startup Xinca

This article is specifically created for resellers.

This article will help you get started as a reseller for Xinca and will give you sufficient information on how to do certain things in our environment. If there is any information you can't find please check out our knowledge-base:

1. Get the information you need:

Please note: Currently we do not have this introduction available for Xinca, but the ZuluDesk video gives you an image of how Xinca works. Some options have been left out of Xinca, because they do not have any added value in Xinca.

2. How to set up:

  • Create your own environment in Xinca Management System (XMS) Your environment can be used as a demo environment and once you have schools listed you will also see them here. (This is your trial environment that gets all the reseller features, once set to reseller status)
  • If you haven't done this set up yet: A setup assistant will guide you through the next steps to get your demo devices into Xinca.

3. Before starting up an environment

  • Do you need more administrators?
  • How many profiles do you need? (Management / Staff / Trainees / Etc.)
  • How many Departments or groups do you need?
  • Who need which rights
  • Which license will the company use?

4. How to buy licenses

  • There are two ways to buy licenses: Buying on the Internet, on our website, pay through PayPal by credit card at and buying through you, the reseller, pay later by invoice under the button extend licenses in the left bar when the company is already in the system under your button Company Management. When the company is not in the system yet, you can add it under the same Company Management yourself and the steps of creating licenses will be shown in the menu.

  • Your companies can buy licenses through you, the reseller. You will be invoiced by us and you can invoice the company accordingly. When the company is not in the system yet, you can add the company under the Company Management button in the Reseller Portal. The steps of creating licenses will be shown in the menu. When the company is already is XMS you can add licenses with the extend licenses button.

  • For more information regarding licenses: Manage Licenses - Parent / Child licenses 

5. How to calculate license costs

  • Calendar year (January until December) license period and when a company starts on another date then the first of January we will calculate the licenses at the beginning of the current month until the end of the year (remaining months)
  • For example: when the company requests the licenses to start at 27-02-2018, we calculate for the period: 
    • 01-02-2018 until 31-12-2018

6. When a company has a trial account

  • The trial environment is available for one month. During this period the school has full access to all options and features within XMS.
  • The trial environment can be changed into a licensed environment at any moment within the month of starting the trial without the loss of any of the settings.
  • If the company wants you to be their reseller they need to write an email to with a simple request and our support team will make sure the trial environment stays intact and will be part of your reseller management environment.

7. Certification

Xinca checks the certification of it's partners twice a year by taking a test, the questions and scenarios in this test are taken out of our daily practices and are specifically made for technicians and for client support. The Xinca Team will invite the reseller when a new test is ready. When you've passed the test for the first time it is also possible to use this as MDM certification for Apple. Your technical staff will then get a certificate. 

8. How to Reach us

  • Our ticket system: your schools can use this to contact you with support questions. If you can't help the company further or don't know the answer. (Please check our Knowledge Base to see if you can't help the company) You can escalate the ticket to us - Please provide us with what you've already tried and please provide as much details as possible (Device S/N, group name, App name, etc.)
  • Slack: You can ask us to invite you to our Slack Channel where we give you information about all new features and where you as reseller can get in direct contact without support.
  • Financial matters: Please contact for any financial matters. 

9. Social media

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