Apple Business Manager multiple location synchronisation Xinca Managment System

ZMS makes it possible to synchronize with Apple School manager. You can synchronise one-way from Apple School manager to ZMS or two-way combining both sides in the synchronization process. Within ZMS you will be able to link Apple School Manager Locations to ZMS Organisations.

To get started you will need to have an Apple School Manager environment and define locations within this environment. Second, you will need to have a ZMS environment with child organisations linked to a parent organisation.

This KB document covers the need for:

  • I want my Apple School Manager data available in ZMS. (Follow Basic setup and Setup 1)
  • I want my ZMS and Apple School Manager data available in ZMS. (Follow Basic setup and Setup 2).

Basic setup

Before we continue and discuss the two setup scenarios, we have the following basic Apple School Manager and ZMS setup.

A basic setup would look like the following Layout:

Note: In ZMS, ZuluDesk HQ is the parent organisation. The other originations have been setup with ZuluDesk HQ set as their parent. In Apple School Manager, there is no parent organisation available.

Setup 1: One-way from Apple School Manager to ZMS.

Within ZMS you can set the different Apple School Manager locations to be synchronised to ZMS.  The settings is part of the organisation settings and can be reached via “Organisation”-> “Settings” -> “DEP tab” -> “DEP token tile” -> “Sync Settings”. Opening the Sync Settings gives you the screen to link the locations with the organisations.

Setup 2: Two-way synchronisation Apple School Manager and ZMS.

Our preferred way of setting up two-way synchronisation is:

  1. First, you will have to setup Apple School Manager settings within ZMS and link the Apple School Manager Locations you want to synchronize to ZMS.You should configure the settings with the “Enable creating any missing users/classes” disabled. After you have set this up you should perform a synchronisation from within the dashboard. If errors occur, these are displayed in the synchronization status. Please resolve the issues by creating users that are missing from in ZMS. Only continue to step 2 after all the missing users have been resolved.
  1. Second, after the synchronisation in step 1 is complete you have to setup Apple School Manager SFTP to upload data from ZMS to Apple School Manager. This is setup by following the Apple School Manager SFTP settings. Within ZMS you can set one Apple School Manager location to synchronize the ZMS data to Apple School Manager. The setting is part of the organisation setting and can be reached via “Organisation”-> “Settings” -> “Apple School Manager SFTP”.
  2. Create (or migrate) a class with your manager, and a class with all your users. You can now upload your ZuluDesk users and classes to ASM, by clicking the Upload to Apple School Manager (SFTP) button.

Click Yes to start uploading.

After completing steps 1, 2 and 3 you have successfully setup two-way synchronisation.

There are some rules that are applied within the ZMS environment during the synchronisation:

  1. The keys “Enable creating any missing users” and “Enable creating any missing classes” in the ZMS Apple School Manager Settings are very important. They define how non-matched data from Apple School Manager is being applied to ZMS.
  1. Data is initially matched by Full Name. When a match has been made, a relation between the systems is being saved on the ZMS side.
  1. “Enable creating any missing users / classes” allows you to create users and classes if no match has been found on the ZMS side. The user / class will be created with the data provided from Apple School Manager.
  1. If no user is found within ZMS and “Enable creating any missing users / classes” is disabled, it is being displayed on the ZMS dashboard.
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